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Full Company Secretary Service.

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Company Secretarial Services Xact+
Company Secretary Service2024-07-10T22:48:05+01:00

Company Secretary Services

  • Upto 20 Changes Per Year
  • Confirmation Statement(Incl. Fee)
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Company Registers
  • Priority 24/7 Support
I have some filings that need to be submitted to Companies House. Will Xact+ handle these submissions for me?2024-06-13T21:02:14+01:00

Yes. If you have already prepared supporting documentation for a company change that is within the scope of this service, and you would like us to make the filing at Companies House, this will count as one of your ten annual company changes.

Can I use my twenty company changes for a different company?2024-06-13T21:02:35+01:00

As part of this service, we will perform up to twenty company secretarial changes for your company per year. This only applies to the company for which the Full Company Secretary Service has been purchased.

Which company registers does Xact+ maintain?2024-06-13T21:02:55+01:00

Xact+ will maintain your company’s register of directors, register of secretaries, register of People with Significant Control, register of charges, as well as your statutory register of members, as required by the Companies Act 2006.

Additionally, we can provide a register of transfers, register of allotments, and register of directors’ usual residential addresses upon request.

When is the best time to contact my account manager?2024-06-13T21:03:09+01:00

Your designated account manager is available by phone or email from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, excluding public holidays.

I registered my company through a different agent. Is it possible to still use this service?2024-06-13T21:03:26+01:00

Yes, you don’t need to have registered your company with Xact+ to take advantage of this service.

How long does it take to set up this service with Xact+?2024-06-13T21:01:10+01:00

Typically, it takes 3 to 5 days to finalize the initial setup of the service with Xact+, provided our compliance requirements are satisfied.

How my account manager will be available to assist?2024-05-12T20:16:28+01:00

Your designated account manager will be accessible via phone or email from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6 pm, excluding public holidays.

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